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Studio Kelly is honored to have been published in a number of magazines and featured on many blogs

Jain With His Interests

Before we start gauging his incredible journey and how he has inspired thousands of people, let’s take a close look at what he is like as a person.

From our conversation with Shashank, it has been utterly clear that he wanted to be in this industry and he found his direction at the right time. So, while we like to call him and his agency the future face of digital marketing, he happens to be a tech buff as well.

A story inspiring millions, his consistency and hard work show that dreams do come true! Changing people’s lives through his educational blogs on tech stuff, but for him, the journey has only started! Nonetheless, success stories are in the making for future entrepreneurs, and Shashank Jain is the one behind it.

The Maestro Of His Work
Shashank Jain’s belief is not limited to his own success, he is a great guide and influencer for youth as well.   

Other than being CEO & Founder of he is also a pro in ethical hacking. With passion in his soul, he pursued the launch of which is his own blog site where he educates technological stuff related to digital marketing.  

  Shashank Jain’s Success Story!

An inspirational figure to aspiring minds in the digital marketing world, Shashank Jain has established his business and made it international in just two years! The proud owner of, he is a professional tech buff who takes a keen interest in updating young minds on everything related to technology.