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Muffle Guard

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  • Hide Tweets from Twitter

    Muffle Guard allows you to hide Tweets automatically before they become public, or you can use the web interface to hide Tweets manually. Hidden Tweets are saved so they can be re-tweeted if the time is right.

  • Monitor any consenting Twitter account

    You can use Muffle Guard on any consenting Twitter account you like. When the account has been authorised you can apply different security settings to alter protection levels between high and low risk accounts.

  • Get notified when content is Tweeted

    Your keyword library helps you keep track of words or phrases that shouldn't be Tweeted, whether offensive language or sensitive company information. You can receive notifications via SMS or email.

  • Pause all Twitter activity with a blackout

    Twitter slip ups fuel the press constantly. You can now set up a Twitter blackout to prevent accounts being used at inappropriate times, such as after a few drinks or before a high profile game.

  • Make decisions based on public reaction

    Should you see a Tweet you don't fully understand, you can decide what to do by monitoring public reaction in real-time. Sentiment analysis algorithms monitor every reply and re-tweet sent to your users.

  • Use whichever Twitter client you like

    Muffle Guard works in the cloud and your Twitter accounts can still be used with your current client. Whether you use the Twitter website or a mobile app, Muffle Guard will work seamlessly in the background.

What can Muffle Guard do for your business and your brand?

  • 1

    Protect your hard earned reputation

    You've probably spent years nurturing your brand's reputation, getting your message across, reaching out to customers. As much as we all love social media, it only takes two minutes and one innocent mistake for huge damage to be done.

  • 2

    Engage your Twitter audience safely

    As your users Tweet, Muffle Guard gives you all the tools you need to protect your brand from user errors. Prevent late night Tweeting, give yourself time to approve Tweets, or block Tweets containing words that may be damaging.

  • 3

    React as your audience reacts

    Everything your users Tweet is absorbed and re-tweeted within minutes. Using the sentiment analysis tools you can gauge reaction to your Tweets and act on them accordingly. Something not received well? Take it down and work out what you're really trying to say.

  • 4

    Manage Muffle with as much or as little admin as you like

    Small company? A few minutes of configuration and you're up and running, nothing else required. Got spare resources? Monitor the feed manually as Tweets come through, and spend time tweaking your keyword and sentiment libraries to reflect your current needs.

  • 5

    Protect your users and employees

    Censorship has no place in a democratic society and we believe in Twitter as a platform to engage with the world. However, so many people have Tweeted when they were drunk, or in the heat of the moment and regretted it. Muffle Guard can help.

  • 6

    Maintain your Twitter presence out-of-hours

    Everyone spends enough time in the office without having to sit over a laptop at home as well. Muffle Guard notifications can be sent straight to your phone, so if there's a problem you can deal with it directly from the mobile enabled interface.

Muffle Guard features

Standard Premium
Tweet History The length of time your Tweets, replies and re-tweets will be stored. 7 days Forever
Included User Tokens One user token equates to one tracked and monitored Twitter Account, so buy as many tokens as you require. By removing one Twitter account, you can add a different one. User tokens get cheaper the more you buy. 1 1
Contacts for Notifications A contact is someone who is alerted when a Tweet is blocked or flagged. Unlimited Unlimited
Keyword Detection Unlimited keywords can be added to block of flag Tweets. For example, you could configure a swear word could to automatically stop a Tweet from going public. Included Included
Tweet Time Delays You can configure a time delay in minutes and during this time a Tweet will be hidden from the public. In this time you can block or flag the Tweet - if you don't act it will be posted to Twitter when the time runs out. Included Included
Twitter Blackouts Like a curfew. During a Blackout, all Twitter activity will be completely blocked during the Blackout start and finish time. You might, for example, wish to block all Tweets posted in the early hours. Included Included
Sentiment Analysis of Tweets Sentiment is the reaction, positive or negative, that Muffle Guard calculates on every Tweet. You can tune the sentiment engine by adding and weighting sentiment keywords. Included Included
Email Notifications Your contacts can be notified by email if a Tweet is flagged or blocked. Included Included
Email Support You can get email support for any queries or issues during office hours of 9am - 5pm GMT from our trained advisors. Included Included
Twitter User Groups Gather similar Twitter accounts together to apply different rules to each. For example, a football club might have players, reserves and staff groups. Included Included
Secured by SSL Encryption SSL is the Internet security protocol used by banks and large ecommerce sites to protect user data. All your data is secure 24/7. Included Included
HTML5 Mobile Access You probably already sit at your laptop enough. Muffle Guard is mobile enabled so you can react to Tweets wherever you are. Included Included
SMS Notifications Receive notifications to your mobile phone by SMS when a Tweet is flagged or blocked. Included
Telephone Support Telephone support for any queries or issues during office hours of 9am - 5pm GMT from our trained advisors. Included
IM Support You can get Instant Message Support for any queries or issues during office hours of 9am - 5pm GMT from our trained advisors. Included
UK On-site Setup and Tutorial A Muffle representative can visit your UK based office to help you get Muffle Guard up and running. There is also a tutorial on how to get the maximum benefit from it. Included
Keyword and Sentiment Assistance Muffle can provide managed archive of keywords and sentiment words that you can use with minimal set up. This allows you to fine tune your Muffle solution but takes away some of the administration required to keep on top of synonyms and pluralisation. Included

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